TLC Inspected and Certified Land Cruisers undergo a two day inspection encompassing over 300 points so that we become aware of all systems conditions. This inspection follows a 30+ page document designed specifically for Cruisers. We find that due to the reputation of the Land Cruiser, even the most diligent owners only repair items when they break. After a decade (s) of reliable service, we think it is time to take a far more comprehensive approach. Systems inspected range from wiper blades to engine, tranny and transfer case, brake system, cooling system, electrical system and much more.

Once a TLC technician completes the inspection process, the service manager reviews the report, then itemizes and prioritizes the discoveries made during the inspection. Stage One is the thorough repair based on needs, realized by this inspection.

Stage One seeks to give your Cruiser a clean bill of health, to get you on the road again with renewed faith in the reliability of your rig. After a final quality control check and road test by our foreman, we write a complete repair order indicating what jobs were performed and warranty information. Trust that a more comprehensive repair process does not exist in the business. In fact, the stage one process is far more thorough than any inspection regiment offered by Toyota.