TLC Land Cruisers are simply the best in the world. On display in Toyota's museum overseas and in service as daily drivers world wide, there are no more comprehensively restored Land Cruisers to be found. Born out of Jonathan's life long habit of taking vehicles all the way down to the frame and back up to new condition, these Cruisers surpass even our most demanding customers (including Toyota) expectations.

The TLC Stage Three process includes our conversion designs featuring the best modern fuel injected V8 engines or diesels, five speed or automatic transmission choices, four wheel power disc brakes and much more to enhance the versatility of your Cruiser in the modern world.

The process begins with photo documentation of the trucks original condition and quickly moves on to the process of disassembly. In short, the TLC Stage Three Cruisers are stripped to a bare frame and all parts are rebuilt, replaced, or otherwise restored to new condition, with a higher focus on the details than the original assembly line process ever allowed. TLC has set the standard over the last nearly three decades, with our Stage Three restorations of Land Cruisers.